Scenes from Childhood, a new portrait CD with piano works by Pedro Faria Gomes performed by Kenneth Hamilton, will be released by Prima Facie in January 2024 (available for pre-order here). The album is kindly supported by Sociedade Portuguesa de Autores (Fundo Cultural) and Cardiff University

The Netherlands Chamber Choir, conducted by Peter Dijkstra, has released an online recording of À Memória de Anarda,  as part of their Personal Archive Sessions. The video is available to watch on YouTube here

Following a performance in Castelo Branco in June, the Fragmentos Ensemble will perform Partita on 8th November at Teatro Municipal da Guarda, as part of Festival Síntese

Memória was performed by Andrew Dickinson (clarinet) and Julie Nishimura (piano) at the Roselle Center for the Arts, University of Delaware, on 27th October

Pianist Saul Picado performed Escape and Variações-Fantasia in a recital at the Centro de Cultura Contemporânea de Castelo Branco on 31st May

The Grupo de Música Contemporânea de Lisboa, conducted by Pedro Ferreira, performed Tableaux at Sociedade Filarmónica Palmelense (13th May) and Casa do Barro in São Pedro do Corval (14th May)

O Violino Cigano was performed by the Orquestra Metropolitana de Lisboa, Janete Santos (narrator) and Bruno Borralhinho (conductor) on 11th March, in the Museu Nacional dos Coches (Picadeiro Real)